Frontend Engineer (Full Stack)
Trade Republic
February 2019 - July 2019

This was my first experience at a startup. I really liked the fast processes and the agile development. Here I definitely learned to extend my capabilities to the maximum and even more. I dived into some devops stuff and the possibilities with the new technologies like Kubernetes. I worked on every web topic from an enterprise web application to marketing tracking. Feel free to contact me for more detailed information.

I loved working at a fintech. Unfortunately I realized that I want to work more independent and on my own future. After TR I started to freelance in Berlin.

Technologies I used at TR:

  • Vue
  • Vuex
  • Nuxt
  • GraphQL
  • Strapi
  • NodeJS
  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • MVVM -> Paradigm
  • HandleBarsJS -> I'm really trying to avoid this one :D